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Common Reasons Adults Seek Counseling

 - Stress from children/parenthood

- Stress from own parents/family

- Career uncertainty

- Work/life balance

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Strain in relationship

- Trouble creating and maintaining adult friendships

Tired of feeling responsible for everyone and everything?   Wondering how to find balance and happiness in your life again? You are not alone.

Life is hard, and some seasons are harder than others. You may be in a period of life where you are experiencing challenges in your career, relationship, friendships, or family. Or perhaps you just haven't quite felt like yourself lately and want to get back to feeling balanced and happy. Whatever hurdle life has put in front of you, we're here to help you tackle it.

Happy H​earts Counseling

1905 Woodstock Rd. Suite 6200

Roswell, GA 30075


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