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Session Fees & Insurance


Session Fees

50 min    $180-$200

90 min   $270-$350

Individual therapy sessions are typically

50 mins

Couple's and Family Sessions are typically 90 mins

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We do not take any form of insurance.  This allows us to provide customized and comprehensive care plans for each client, and provide continuous support as needed.

Many insurance companies will provide reimbursement through your Out of Network Benefits. We are happy to provide the necessary documentation for that if requested.

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How frequently will I come to therapy?

As often as you want! Typically we recommend once a week at first, so that we can get to know each other and we can better understand your needs and goals.  When you're ready, we may cut back to every other week or once a month


How long will I come to therapy?

For as long as it still benefits you!


Is therapy hard?

It can be hard to work through difficult memories, experiences, and feelings. The goal of therapy is to ultimately bring feelings of peace and healing.

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